Setup Your Welcome Email + New Subscriber Funnel

We’ve all subscribed to an email list and received a message like this:

Email marketing - setup new subscriber welcome

Or worse, we didn’t receive anything and we were really interested in that product or business. Do you know what the absolute worst is? Signing up and not receiving an email for months. By that time who even remembers subscribing.

When someone subscribes take advantage of their interest and greet them properly. Setup your welcome email.

Ways to say welcome:

  • Thank you for subscribing
  • Tell them what they can expect from your newsletters
  • If you sell a product online consider giving them a discount code to inspire them to shop while their interest is high

Now take it a step further. Have a strategy for these new subscribers.

Setup up a “newbie funnel,” a series of emails to acquaint your new peeps (who are really digging you right now) with information about who you are, what you do and how you can help them solve their problems. The purpose of these emails is to create a connection and nurture these new leads.

The first email automation any business should setup is a welcome email series. I would consider this a bare minimum automation but ideally it’s worth it to have multiple automations setup depending on where someone comes into your funnel.

For some of my clients this feels overwhelming but it’s worth the effort because it will constantly work for you.


Figuring out what to include in the emails takes a little brainstorming. To get the ideas rolling answer these questions:

  • What questions do new clients ask?
  • What questions do you ask new clients that get them talking?
  • What pain point do you solve for your clients?
  • What do you want new clients to do?

Welcome Email Funnel Example:

Email #1: Introduce yourself (your brand story, why you do what you do). Possibly end with a question. What is your struggle? What has worked for you? Where do you want to go? (these are super general, you need to make them work for your business).

Email #2: Give a Solution. Let them know you understand their struggle but you have solutions to their problems. Be a hero.

Email #3: When you know better, you do better. That’s a quote from Maya Angelou but it relates to your clients. Let them know it’s not their fault they have their problems but now that they know better, they can make change.

Email #4: Share all the amazing benefits of your product or service.

Email #5: Ask for a follow on social. Something like, hey it’s really great connecting with you here but we share great content (give an example) on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube too.

Email #6: Create urgency. Give an offer with an expiration date. Maybe there are only a few spaces left in your retreat or you have one slot left as a coach.




Email Frequency:

  • Strike while the iron is hot! Send an email every day

Key Takeaways:

  • Write a welcome email for new subscribers.
  • Setup a welcome series of emails (funnel) to convert those interested in your product or service into customers.